Never misplace your keys again, with Artsy Catsy's one-of-a-kind handcrafted kittycat keychains for cat lovers! 20% of all proceeds will be donated to help kitties in need.

$18 each

To order, email Artsy Catsy with:
1) Item #
2) Payment method (PayPal or check)
3) Your mailing address

We'll reply with your order total and payment instructions.
(Domestic shipping $3.50 per order; international shipping $4.50 per order.)

SSK-21 ...HK-22 ...
GK-23 ...HK-24 ...HK-26 ...GK-27 ...
# LSK-2 ... # LSK-6 ... # LSK-10 ... # SSK-12 ... # GK-15 ...

# LSK-16 ... # GK-20 ...
~~Thank you for helping us help kitties in need!~~


Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

I've got an order to place!! I'm so glad that mommy was lazy and waited until now so that our order is going to benefit cats who need it.

OK, We want to order:

GK-1 - but can we get a woofie on it instead of a kitty?

GK-1 - Just as it is!

Can we also order 2 bookmarks? Both with blue beads and a woofie charm. It is for my 17 year old girl cousin (who likes pretty blue girly things) and my aunt who likes the colors blue and expresso (mommy is going to give her her bookmark with an afghan she crocheted for her in the colors blue and expresso)

Thank you thank you! Can you send us the amount due today? Mommy is leaving for out of town tomorrow and wants so pay before she goes.

Name: Mr. Hendrix said...

Oops, my email address is 1hendrix AT fuse DOT net all squished together

Chesney Cats said...

Mama got her keychain yesterday & you probably heard her SQUEE! She says it is even more "prettyful" in person & she absolutely loves it!! Thank you so very much!

Hugs & Purrs,
Sammy, Festus, Emma & especially Mama Rhonda