Crazy Cat Lady RAFFLE for MOKI

Update Dec. 4: The winner of our Crazy Cat Lady raffle is Dorothy Pugh - congratulations, Dorothy! A video of Rocky selecting the winner can be seen at Artsy Catsy.

Thank you all so much for participating in our raffle. Your generosity has raised $134 to help Moki with his vet bills!


Our good friend Moki is still struggling with serious health problems and his vet bills are already more than $700, with more to come, so Artsy Catsy is having a raffle to help with his expenses.

We're raffling our very first Crazy Cat Lady necklace and earring set ... so you could win the original Artsy Catsy Crazy Cat Lady!

The necklace and matching earrings are hand-beaded and are an Artsy Catsy original design, using fine quality beads, copper cat charms and copper 'Love My Cat' charms with a pawprint on the back side. The retail price for the set is $79.

Raffle tickets are $2 each
(Artsy Catsy will pay shipping costs)
100% of the proceeds will go to Moki
** Raffle ends December 1 **


MISS PEACH ~(^.^)~ said...

Oh Rocky isn't that crazy cat lady just the bomb!!!?! Mommy belongs to a club called CRAZY FOR CATS CARD CLUB! She is going to send a link to your raffle to them. Mommy said she is turning into a cat because she has whiskers on her chin hee hee!
Love Miss Peach

Boy n Beethoven said...

Yay! We gotted our Mummy to get a raffle ticket! You guys are great!


Lilly Lu, Iris and Maxwell Mufsa Millon said...

I just like every one to know that the crazy cat lady stuff is even more boootfal in person the picture just dont do it justistce.

we orderd one pink crazy cat lady set for mama for x-mas and two neckells for our vets they boootfal

Lillly Lu